Retsina Malamatina is now in the second century of its history, with an eye to the future inspired by love, artistry, the dreams and creativity of five generations of the Malamatinas family.

The Malamatinas family’s involvement with retsina and wine began two centuries ago. When Efstratios Malamatinas first began to cultivate grapes on the family’s land holdings in Tenedos in the 19th century, he obviously never imagined that his initiative would evolve into the powerful brand name of "Retsina Malamatina".
All great recipes have their secret and the most important secrets give rise to stories that sound like fairytales full of adventure, vision and experiences...

It was just such a story that began in Tenedos in the mid-19th century and continues to this day. It is a story of flavour that ferments in time and matures with the artistry and love of a family.

Konstantinos Malamatinas
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